is an innovative heating technology, which changes a house wall into an active building envelope.
Concealed radiators are a new way of implementing the idea of ecological wall heating, which used to be difficult and expensive.

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3THERMO concealed radiator is completely fault-free. Its anti-flooding technology eliminates the risk of a water leak, even when the radiator is mechanically damaged.


Our radiator prevents dust and allergens from circulating in heated rooms. It does not overdry the air, but it dries the walls, thus preventing moisture.
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Are you looking for an economic heating system for your house? 3THERMO concealed radiator guarantees a more economic operation and increased efficiency at the lowest inertia.


Possibility of preventing heat losses at the place of their occurrence, at the building envelope, improves comfort and energy efficiency. 3THERMO radiator, embedded in 1.5 cm thick plasterwork layer is an invisible heat emitter with the lowest internal resistance and the lowest inertia.

Simplicity of assembly and versatility of the system allow its application in all types of rooms. Safety is guaranteed by concealed waterless heat energy transferring system.

Concealed radiators offer a possibility of installing wall heating at a price comparable to conventional floor heating.

Pleasantly radiating warmth in winter or heat absorption in summer, all without visible mounting elements. Wall heating is the only heating system which does not overdry the air inside the heated room. A combination of heat and moisture radiates from the building envelope, instead of permeating into it, thus allowing the walls to dry and preventing fungi and moulds from developing. The radiators do not have components that are difficult to access or can gather dust; embedded in the layer of plaster, they do not even require cleaning. The heat transferring process is not accompanied by forced convection, and it does not induce electromagnetic or electrostatic phenomena; consequently, it does not cause dirt film deposits on the wall.

A warm wall does not make the floor dust circulate, and the difference between the ceiling and floor temperature usually does not exceed 1°C. Radiation and natural convection are the healthiest forms of heating rooms designed for residential purposes. It guarantees appropriate moisture (40-60%) and clean air without any additional air humidifiers or mechanical filters. Choose environmentally-friendly, natural warmth of the future.

Time for 3THERMO - free and unlimited interior design.


3THERMO radiator was designed to work as a heat energy distribution system inside a thin layer of plasterwork. The system absorbs heat from standard water-based central heating, but transfers the heat without introducing water under the plasterwork, and only by means of a radiator. A concealed radiator owes its unique efficiency to an innovative technology of its own active radiators. Its structure allows to achieve an extremely powerful system with the lowest inertia among all other water surface heating systems due to minimum thermal resistance of a thin plasterwork layer.

Such heat transfer system offers an additional advantage in the form of increased safety by eliminating the danger of leakage from the hydraulic system, e.g. as a result of drilling through the wall.

3THERMO offers a completely new concept of the heating technology. The innovative radiator solution transforms the method and efficiency of heat transferring by limiting its losses. This allows the system to generate 40-50% energy savings compared to convection solutions. New requirements concerning building envelopes in the housing and industrial construction sectors are revolutionary. The universal structure and versatility of applications mean that there is nothing more you need.

All you need is 3THERMO.

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